What would be a good SEO strategy?

What would be a good SEO strategy?

Before you launch your site, you should have done the following:
– Optimized your <title> tags on each page to contain 1 – 3 keywords
– Create unique Meta Tags for each page
– Used appropriate markup where necessary (<h1>, <em>, etc.)
– Used keywords liberally yet appropriately throughout each page
– Designed the navigational structure of the site to channel PR to main pages (especially the homepage)
– Used Search Engine Friendly URLs (if necessary)
– Created a complete website with plenty of quality content
– Used keywords in your domain and url (http://www.keyword1.com/keyword2/keyword3.html)

Immediately after launching your site you should do the following:
– Submit your site, by hand, to all major search engines
– Submit your site to all free directories (dmoz, yahoo (if applicable), etc..)
– Begin a link building campaign (attempting to get keywords in the reciprocal link anchor text)

Finally, as part of an ongoing strategy:
– Continually update your website will quality content
– Continually seek free and reciprocal links preferably from sites in your genre

* Remember, build your website for human beings; not the search engines!



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